Prepare mango

How to prepare a mango



Today we will see how to prepare a mango to use it in a fruit salad or enjoy it as is.



Preparation :


First of all, you need a nice ripe mango but it stays firm.

Start by washing it.


Then cut a slice above the core.


Make horizontal incisions then vertical incisions at equal distances on the flesh to see squares appear, as in the picture. The incisions must be deep but without piercing the skin.


Return the slice to reveal small cubes.


Remove the cubes with the knife.

Repeat the operation by cutting a large slice bove the core.

That’s it, the mango is ready to be eaten as is or mixed with other fruits to make a fruit salad.

I also recommend my pineapple, orange and mango smoothie recipe, delicious and fresh! i found it super good :

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